New Plaza Cinema: The Show Must Go On!

We are pleased to inform you that, despite suffering catastrophic flood damage to our beloved NYIT cinema due to a recent water main break, we are confident that New Plaza will soon be showing films at a new venue. We have come to this conclusion because:

  1. Less than two weeks after that destructive flood, our wonderful supporters came out in huge numbers to support New Plaza at its January 26 Second Anniversary Celebration at Symphony Space. In all, 450 supporters paying a premium price made it possible for this volunteer, non profit organization to weather the storm and find a way to continue financially and to preserve quality independent and foreign film in the upper west side.
  2. New Plaza has already been offered the right to show films under certain terms and conditions by two fine venues and are in the process of speaking with several others.

We are therefore optimistic we will be able to resume showing films in the upper west side in the next few weeks.

We give thanks to our amazing supporters who have continued to energize us since the closing of Lincoln Plaza Cinema two years ago and support us in ever growing numbers.

Stay tuned for the next update!

With warmest regards,

Norma Levy
President, New Plaza Cinema