About Us

Our Mission: To create and operate a new cinema devoted to quality independent and foreign films on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Just a few years ago, the Upper West Side had a rich cinematic landscape, with multiple independent cinemas throughout the area. The closing of the Lincoln Plaza Cinema on Jan. 28, 2018, forced by a decision of the landlord, was a final blow to independent cinema there.  That day, more than 600 people attended a three-hour memorial to the theater and its owner, Dan Talbot. Lincoln Plaza Cinema remained well attended, highly respected worldwide and financially viable to the end.

New Plaza Cinema Inc. plans to use the resources of the Upper West Side, Manhattan film lovers and the film industry to raise money to create and operate a new theater in the neighborhood, on either a for-profit or not-for-profit basis.

To do so, we plan to draw on individuals and businesses within and outside the film industry who have a vested interest in supporting a well-run, high-quality arts cinema showing independent and foreign films.

With your help and dedication, we can achieve our mission to build a premier independent film venue on the Upper West Side and make the area once again the epicenter of independent cinema.